Project Meeting Minutes

4th Transnational Project meeting

Environmentally Friendly Cranberries and Innovative Tablets”

Place: Võru, Estonia

Time:  12-14 April 2018

Meeting Objectives:

  1. Project´s work second year (I and II semester).
  2. Planning the project work for the III year.

Attendees present:

Teachers from:

Estonia (Võru Kreutzwaldi Kool): Marju Purge, Ere Tumm, Kaider Vardja

Latvia (Rigas Igaunu pamatskola): Triin Jürgenstein, Ivika Keisele

Italy (Ic Della Val Nure): Emanuela Sbordi, Elisa Fantinati

Poland (LO Piaseczno): Maria Szklarczyk, Aneta Grudziecka

Finland (Euran Yhteiskoulu): Tuula Kütövuori, Kirsi Heikkilä


  1. Exchange of experiences. Evaluation of the attained objectives and the activities done.
  2. Planning the project work for the III year, including project activities (field trip, interactive culture questionnaire (contents), eBook, OER, questionnaire for students and teachers).


  • Students are enthusiastic about the project. They are really involved. Students love writing letters and receiving them from foreign students.
  • Photo hunt and other project tasks are in work.
  • eTwinning is little bit difficult and this is reason why they don´t use it so often. Although supportive comments from Italy students are lovely and noticed by other project partners.


  • Also pointed out that there are problems with using eTwinning, but compared to previous years doing project tasks is easier (student and teachers are used to it?)
  • They have already done Photo Hunt and presented results to others. They divided classes into teams of 3 and they had map with QR codes about different houses and places and they needed to found all of them and take pictures.
  • They have done new movie called “Hacker”.


  • Compared to previous year teachers are more involved and representatives feels themselves better.
  • They have not done Photo Hunt yet.
  • They had problems with Mobility Tool –they had to rewrite report as the name of school changed.
  • They have wrote texts for eBook.


  • Other teachers are involved and interested in the project.
  • They have got all project money and everything is fine with eTwinning and Mobility Tool.
  • Two students have created Photo Hunt as their compulsory creative work they need to do in the end of 8th class. They are using Scoove (orientation game), but due weather condition it has not been used yet. Photo Hunt questions/tasks are from different subjects and difficulty level.


  • Teachers are not so involved and interested in the project - main group of teachers involved is small (only 3 persons), but they work well together. It has been most difficult year in this project – teachers are feeling like they are alone and some teachers are working against project.
  • They have not started planning Photo Hunt, but they have couple of ideas how to do it.
  • Some texts and art works has been done for eBook.

  1. Planning the project work for the III year (I, II semester), including project activities

Field trip

  • trip is held on autumn 2018.


  • Text needs to be in native language and in English. It can be novel, fairy tale, poem etc., but topic must be nature.


  • Some countries have ideas what they are going to do, but only Estonia has already done and uploaded it. Ideas – how to create movie; how to organize field trip etc.
  • It is going to public information and also added to project´s home page (in Teachers output).

Feedback questionnaire

Italy is responsible for creating feedback questionnaires (for teachers and students) in Google Doc. Questions about job shadowing in Finland must be also added to second year feedback questionnaire!

After some more discussions these decisions were made:

  • Feedback questionnaires must be ready in the end of April 2018 and answered during May.
  • Everyone will send PowerPoint presentation about their Photo Hunt to Ivika and after that we will upload it to homepage. Also every country needs to create summary about Photo Hunt to eTwinning.
  • 5th Project meeting is in Poland, 3rd-7th October 2018.
  • The eBook texts must be ready and sent to Ere till the end of December 2018.
  • OER task has to be done not later than December 2018.
  • Field trip must be held during October - December 2018.
  • Last Project meeting in Latvia in spring 2019.

Minutes prepared by Ivika Keisele and Triin Jurgenstein Rīgas Igauņu pamatskola


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