Võru Kreutzwaldi Kool is a municipal school located in the town of Võru and it was newly created at the beginning of 2015 as a result of the education reform. The school is situated in a picturesque location on the shore of Lake Tamula in South Estonia. 679 students aged 7 – 16  study there in school year 2015/16. The number of teachers, assistants and supporting staff is approximately 90. The school has got a newly renovated modern  house.


JAndreie5The school is situated in an area with high traditional values where its own dialect and customs have been preserved. Our school is named after a well-known Estonian writer Friedrich Reinhold Kreutzwald who is also the creator of our national epic „Kalevipoeg”. Kreutzwald lived and worked in the town of Võru for a long time and there is also Kreutzwald Memorial Museum featuring his home.


The individuality of each student is appreciated in our school, in addition the versatile development of students is supported. Moreover, there are classes for students with low achievement where they get special support from psychologists, social- and special educators, speech therapists and assistant teachers. For talented students there are English-biased classes where they can study English more thoroughly(more lessons per week).


Studying is supplemented with various extra-curricular activities: different projects, competitions and events are participated. Various subject and hobby groups are in action, such as folk dancing, choir singing, drama club, robotics, sporting club and it is even possible to take part in the work of a student company. Healthy lifestyles such as sporting activities and healthy eating are also valued in our school. There is a school canteen where students can have a healthy meal during the day. In winter time it is popular to go skiing as much as possible.


Our school has got a well qualified staff and a friendly creative atmosphere. There are also after school classes where students can spend time and do their homework until their parents arrive from work. Our school is well equipped with 3 modern computer classrooms where students` ICT competences can be developed. In addition the rest of the classrooms are also supplied with a computer in each classroom and a set of tablets is available for  one class.


Infotechnology is administered by an IT specialist, a schooling technologist, a computer teacher and an

information manager. Students’  information technology  skills are connected with everyday studying. The studying process is also supported by a great variety of fiction and textbooks in the school library.

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