Local Activities at Võru Kreutzwaldi Kool

THE THIRD PROJECT YEAR 2018-2019 (September 2018-September 2019)

30th August 2018

Overview of the project activities so far to our colleagues at the meeting.

September  2018

Meeting project teachers.  Conclusions of 2nd project year, introducing the work plan to the teachers (mother tongue, maths, science, art, handicraft, English) involved. Planning the third project year.

September  2018

Introducing the work plan to the students of the project group. (Form 9b)

Renewing the project info stand.

13th September 2018

Field trip to Piusa Caves , Hiking Trail and Visitor Centre.

September 2018

Teachers working on the material published at OER.

September 2018

Introducing the tool learningapps.org to our students. Students create apps connected with the environment, IT and their Field Trip.

October 4th-6th, 2018

The fifth transnational project meeting in Poland.

October and November 2018

Working at eTwinning. Uploading the material (photos, a short video, learning apps and the summary of the tasks) connected with the Field Trip at TwinSpace.

December 2018

Working with the material published in eBook. Pieces of creative writing contributed by project partners. We are responsible for compiling it.

December 2018

Posting a Christmas greeting to our partners at eTwinning.

January 2019

Uploading OER link to our project homepage.

January 2019

31 January-1 February: A field trip to Riga, Latvia with the students of our project group.

February 2019-March 2019

Preparing a final conference of the project.

Preparing powerpoint presentations

March 28, 2019

Final conference of the project at school

  •  Project group students, their teachers and parents participating. Presentations about the most important activities and objectives by the students of the project group and their teachers.
  • Playing an interactive Kahoot game. Interactive Culture Questionnaire. Using the tablets.

April, 2019

An article about the project to the local county newspaper.


April, 2019

Using the tablets, working at eTwinning:

  • Reflection: Which are the 2 or 3 key words of the project activities? 
  • Evaluation questionnaire filled by the students and teachers

June, 2019

Making conclusions about the project

Preparing to write final report

September, 2019

Writing final report

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