1.     We inform our school society, students, parents, local authorities about our Project
  2.     We organized a Christmas Sale, at which we sold things made by our students. Money was allocated to our students in need, who has been  In coma.
  3.     Our activities are available on our school homepage www.lopiaseczno.waw.pl , on Project  homepage www.cranberriesandtablets.eu and on  e-Twinning https://twinspace.etwinning.net/24952/home .
  4.     We inform about our events in our school and from our partner schools on school  Facebook and Project Facebook . We put on these platforms photos and short descriptions of important events and happenings from school life.
  5.     We created ORs for all our activities  and we placed them on info-boards for parents-teachers meetings , during Open Days  for candidates to our school and we placed them on an info-board at our Municipality.
  6.     We put ORs with information about  the Salt Chamber In Konstancin for the visitors (In Polish and English).
  7.     During World Day which was celebrated In our school (June 2018)) we included our Project and our Project countries to the subject  of the programme.
  8.     We wrote four articles : one to the local paper  Kurier Południowy, Three articles to our school paper and two to a local paper.
  9.     One of our activities (math) was placed on OER platform.
  10. The final product of our Project was ebook chich is available on eTwinning and a paper book version which is available in our school library.
  11. We used some of the Project activities during our lessons at  school. We showed how to use IT Technologies in math, in Polish classes, we discussed  the impact of IT Technologies on life, good and bad influence on us, some threats of IT Technologies.   
  12. Kahoot – as one of our Project activities was included in some of the classes at school  as an important point of gaining knowledge in foreign languages, geography, biology.


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