The secondary school in Piaseczno is situated near Warsaw (15 km from the very centre of Warsaw, the capital of Poland). There about 700 students in our school who are educated in extended curricula in maths, biology, chemistry, geography as well as literature and computer science.


Students in our school are very active in the local environment, take part in many social actions , like helping older people, children in orphanages, generally people in need.

Older students of our school obtain very high level of education and good results in their exams, thanks to which they get to good universities in Poland as well as in Europe, because their level of English is also high.


They are successful in sport, like in playing football, basketball . There is a dance team in our school. They are thought how to dance classical dances and modern dances.

There is an astronomy observation in our school and a video-tech study, where students learn how to make short films, how to review them. We also have our own school newspaper , which is published by our students every month. The articles are written by pupils from a journalist class.


Our school has been awarded a Silver Badge as one in the two hundred best schools in Poland.

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