The Istituto Comprensivo della Val Nure was created in September 2015 from the union of two pre-existing school institutes. It covers a very large area in Piacenza province, from high mountains to the plain along the Nure valley. The area is not much inhabited, especially the mountainous places. The Istituto Comprensivo della Val Nure comprises:

- 3 nursery schools
- 5 primary schools
- 5 lower secondary schools
in 5 different villages:
(from the high valley to the plain)
Ponte dell'Olio

These places have a very old history. The first first settlers were the Celts and Ligurians, then the Romans made it a part of the empire. In the Middle Ages a secondary branch of the famous Via Romea-Francigena  leaded pilgrims from France to Rome along the Nure valley. In XIX century it belonged to Parma and Piacenza Duchy under Mary Louise of Austria, Napoleon's second wife.

During the last 150 years, thousands of local people emigrated to the USA, Argentina, Britain anf France and now thousands of Africans and Eastern Europeans have come to live here.
The pupils of the Istituto Comprensivo della Val Nure are not many, but foreigners are constantly growing in number.

The main subjects studied are Italian, Maths, English, French, History, Geography, Science, Art, Music, Technology, P.E., Religion.

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