A Field-trip to Heaven`s Hall 


On 10th March 2017 our project group (class 7B) went on a field-trip to Taevaskoda (Heaven`s Hall). The aim of it was integrating formal and non-formal education and using ICT tools.

We set out for the destination at 8.15 at the school house. The bus ride lasted for about 40 minutes and everyone was quite calm and sleepy.

After arriving at the destination we were handed out the worksheets compiled by our subject teachers. Estonian, Maths, Science, Biology, Art and crafts and Manual training were involved. In addition every team had to take a video of one task filling process and record a bird call by using the app “My Nature Sound”.

It was a lovely day!  Although it was rather chilly there wasn`t a single breeze of wind. And it wasn`t raining, not even drizzling although it had been predicted  in the weather forecast. The place called Heaven`s Hall is located on the Ahja River. It is famous for its unique sandstone cliff rising 22,5 metres from the river surface being one of the most beautiful natural sights in Estonia. This morning the river banks were covered in the thin layer of hoarfrost. The sight was amazing!

Information about Virgins CaveBeforehand at school  we had been divided into teams of 3 so we had to cooperate constantly. One of the most fascinating tasks was in art to design a visual art composition from natural materials found in the forest. Then we had to give it a title and take a photo of it. Our math teacher wanted us to find geometric designs(triangles, rectangles etc.) in nature, take photos of them and later on in the classroom construct them into a 3D virtual reality.

From mother tongue we had to create a nature poem and later design it into a digital postcard. In the English lesson we have to translate this mother tongue poem into English. It would be quite a challenge! From biology we identified species of moss using the specific app.

Currently during the trip we had to find, pick up and sort out rubbish. This task was closely connected with science.  In spite of the fact that there wasn`t much of it some students could almost fill up their bags. For the Art and crafts lessons we gathered different natural materials like sprouts of cowberry and bilberry as well as different mosses. In the classes we will make postcards, backbacks and magnets inspired by nature. Our manual training teacher had compiled us the task where we had to measure the perimeter of the different species of trees.

Arriving back at the bus we could have a cup of hot tea, a sandwich and a candy. This field-trip day was an enjoyable change for common school days. We`re looking forward to the next one.

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