Field Trip in Italy

On Wednesday 15th March class 3B and some other students went on a field trip on the hills around Vigolzone, our village. We left the school at 8.30 a.m. The weather was sunny and warm. We walked about 4 km along the main road and country paths. We talked, sang, picked up flowers, listened to birds singing, took photos and videos. It was an unusual experience because our classes never leave the school on foot.

We walked along several vineyards and we reached La Tosa site where they produce typical local wine.

Once at school again, we put the flowers and the flowered branches we picked up into a jar with some water.

Our trip was successful and fun.

Field Trip in Latvia

On the 31st of March, our school’s 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th graders, together with three teachers (Triin, Helēna, Ivika) and the school principal Urve Aivare, went to Niedrāju-Pilkas bog. Our trip started on a rainy Friday morning where all the children gathered together by the Maxima hypermarket. After that, our unique trip began!

We drove to the bog approximately 2 hours, including some toilet stops. When we arrived, the early spring ground was covered with clean, white snow and it was pretty cold! Our instructor told us how to use bright green snow/bog shoes, then our teachers divided us into groups of four. First, we had to walk on a narrow and slippery bog track until we arrived at the gazebo. Then on, we had to travel only by using snow/bog shoes. It was pretty extreme to walk on floating ground. During our journey the guide taught us about various bog plants and birds. We had worksheets in Math, English and Biology. Also we had to take 10 pictures about our nature.

While exploring the mysterious place, that the bog was, many fell down and got wet, but we all made it out alive, with good memories, some wet socks and a once in a life time experience.

A Field Trip to Omassuo, a Bog in Eura. Field Trip in Finland

On April 24th all the 7th graders from Kiukaisten yhteiskoulu and some students from Euran yhteiskoulu (the ones who have been involved in the project) went on a field trip to Omassuo, a bog in Eura.

Finland field tripStudents had been given several tasks to complete during the excursion. They worked on their tasks in groups of three members. Mathematics assignment was about measuring the height of a tree. For Mother tongue and literature they were asked to concentrate on using all their senses so that they could write a descriptive essay during the lesson afterwards. The Biology assignment was to identify different plants. The students used an app to do this assignment. The app gave them descriptions and photos of specific plants. After finding each plant, students took a picture and sent it as their response to the question. For Art and Craft lessons, students collected natural materials. Chemistry assignment was to collect wild rosemaries (Rhododendron tomentosum, commonly known also as marsh Labrador tea, northern Labrador tea) for making natural colors for dyeing wool in the classroom. Students took photos and videos to document the trip. They also recorded singing of birds.

The following description of our field trip was written by a 7th grader and translated by two 9th graders

We leave the bus to walk towards the bog. The distance is about 200 meters. Each of us jumps over a ditch. When I have jumped over the ditch I smell a distinct smell of rosemary. I walk along the path. The ground is soft and wet. When I get to the bog, I hear birds singing but it's quickly covered by my friends' talk. Teachers tell us what we should do and when we should get back to the edge of the bog. I leave with my group to do tasks.

One of our tasks is to take a photo of two pupils standing next to a tree. In our group there are three people so one takes a picture and me and my friend go to stand next to a tree. Then we start looking for plants.

We walk around the bog looking for specific plants. The air smells fresh like it had just rained. We find a lot of different plants but there are also some that we are unable to find. We have also picked up different leaves and twigs on the ground, and later we will use them to make an art work. When I'm walking on a bit drier ground, my friend pushes me from behind as if it was an accident and I fall into the bog. I get a small amount of mud water in my mouth. The taste is absolutely horrible. It is like I eating sand and grass. When I'm on the ground kneeling, I hear my friend’s laugh. I lift my head up and see my friend's face which is red because of laughing so much. I feel a soft, cold and wet moss in my hands. I get up, clean my hands on my friend's jacket and start laughing. Then we need to return to the bus.


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