DSCN6344We live in Latvia, Riga. Riga is the capital of Latvia. We learn at Riga Estonian School. It’s the only Estonian school in Latvia. It resumed its work in 1989 and there were only two classes, but now we have students form 1.-9.  The main aim of the school is to teach the Estonian language and give possibility to master Estonian culture, literature, music, history and tradition. Students have different skills in Estonian: some of them speak fluently because of the influence of their families, some know the language but not enough and there are pupils who don´t know Estonian and whose relatives don´t speak Estonian. We enjoy going to Estonia every spring – it’s the school’s tradition to travel to Estonia in May.

Our school is not big – there are about 200 students. All classes are friendly, we like taking part in different competitions and contests. Our school has very nice teachers, probably, the nicest ones in Latvia! The school is very cosy. We learn a lot of languages: Latvian, Estonian, English and Russian. The school organizes different hobby groups for students at school: art, chorus, Estonian folk-dance, bicycle riding.

We are very interested in the Erasmus+ project – we would like to explore and experience something new, be a team, communicate and share our ideas with peers from other countries. 

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