Project Meeting Minutes

6th Transnational Project meeting

Environmentally Friendly Cranberries and Innovative Tablets”

Place: Riga, Latvia

Time:  4th-6th of April 2019

Meeting Objectives:

  1. Evaluation of the attained objectives and the activities done III year (including presentation of the project product: eBook "Cranberries and Tablets" and OER).
  2. Dissemination of the project and project budget.
  3. Conclusion of the project work.


Attendees present:

Teachers from:

Estonia (Võru Kreutzwaldi Kool): Marju Purge, Ere Tumm. Ragna Meeliste

Latvia (Rigas Igaunu pamatskola): Urve Aivare, Triin Jürgenstein, Ivika Keisele

Italy (Ic Della Val Nure): Emanuela Sbordi, Enirca Salvadori, Daniela Micco, Sara Manzoni, Cecilia Boledi, Cesare Novara.

Poland (LO Piaseczno): Maria Szklarczyk, Aneta Grudziecka

Finland (Euran Yhteiskoulu): Tuula Kütövuori, Kirsi Heikkilä


  1. Exchange of experiences. Evaluation of the attained objectives and the activities done III year (including presentation of the project product: eBook "Cranberries and Tablets" and OER; final project conference; questionnaire about 3rd project year).
  2. Dissemination of the project (including project homepage)
  3. Project budget.
  4. Conclusion of the project work.


Exchange of experiences. Evaluation of the attained objectives and the activities done III year

Year III main activities were: interactive culture questionnaire, field trip, creating Learning apps after field trip, OER, eBook, final project conference and final feedback questionnaire.

Interactive culture questionnaire was created as Kahoot game - all partners contributed with 5 multiple choice questions about their country and Poland was responsible for compiling it. Link to Kahoot game is here:

All partners organised a field trip from October till December and photos and Learning apps were created by students were uploaded to eTwinning.

Open Educational Resources (OER) were created by all partners on different topics and are published in OER webpage and also will be uploaded to project´s homepage under section “Teacher output”.

All partners contributed to create eBook. All texts (poems, novels, fairy tales etc) were written in native language and also in English; also during the project created art works were used as background of  texts. Link to e-book is here: All partners got hard cover printed verion of eBook as a gift from coordinating school (Latvia).

All partners should organise final project conference (in April-May, 2019) to sum up everything students and teachers have done during the project. So far only Estonia has done it - students who participated in the project created presentations of all activities done during three years, teachers introduced eTwinning and eBook. Students played an interactive culture questionnaire Kahoot game with the tablets. At the end of the event there was also unofficial part with cake. Ideas for organising final project conference were to include it to some other official school event (Mother´s day etc) and ask local newspaper reporters  to participate in the conference and write an article about it.

Questionnaires about 3rd project year was created by Italy in Google Form. Link to questionnaires for students and teachers is uploaded to eTwinning. By the 18 April all teachers and students who has been working on the project have to answer those.

Dissemination of the project (including project homepage) and project budget.

Project homepage is the place where  materials created during project are available for public. Under “Teachers output” there are links to OERs,  “Students outputs” will lead to eTwinning (where most of work is) and Students´articles of field trips. “Local activities” gives overview of what all partners have been doing during the project.

It has been every partner`s task to disseminate project by writing articles to the local or national newspaper, share information about the project on school´s homepage etc. Also one option to disseminate project is to create different souvenirs with project´s name and Erasmus+ logo and use those by yourself or give away as gifts.

All partners are responsible for their own budget. By the end of the project ( 31 August, 2019) all money should be spent or giving back to national Erasmus+ organisation should be started.

Conclusion of the project work

The first and utmost priority of this project was addressing open and innovative education- promoting of the use of ICT skills of students´ and teachers´. All partners have created LearningApps and OER and used different IT-programs and non-formal learning.

The second priority was to integrate students theoretical skills with practical ones. All partners have been working hard during three project years and lot of materials are created and different tasks have be submitted by students and teachers. All partners went to field trips to give students possibility to use their knowledge in real life and integrate different subjects. Project also encouraged students to use ready-made apps in nature and gave them opportunity to use tablets or smartphone in studying process (field trips, photo hunt, recording a video). Created materials can be used also in the future when organising non-formal studying (field trips or outdoor lessons) and they are for public use also.

Students´and teachers´creativity has been tested by different tasks- creating plays and recording them, writing text for eBook etc. During project students´cultural awareness was raised (Kahoot game, learning about partner schools etc), their basic skills were improved by integrating and using innovative methodologies; their transversals skills were enhanced. Teachers professional skills were promoted. Of course the project was important also to improve all participants English language skills and using digital devices in formal and non-formal studeing has become everyday part.

As one of the project priorities was to use more contemporary digital devices (tablets, smartphones etc) in studying process, most of partners have invested some of the project money into buying  a set of tablets that can be used in carrying out different project tasks.

All partners have done good work in accomplishing their tasks and responsibilities: Latvia - monitoring and overall coordination; Estonia - eBook and eTwinning; Finland - job shadowing and OER; Poland - Facebook account and interactive culture questionnaire; Italy - feedback questionnaires both for students and teachers.

Overall feedback of partners was good - project was interesting, demanded a lot of work, but as a results it made school life more interesting and gave opportunity to integrate IT and non-formal learning into learning process.

After some more discussions the following decisions were made:

  • As lot of work has been done in eTwinning it is strongly recommend to apply for eTwinning quality label.
  • Deadline for giving feedback to Project 3rd year is 18th of April. Final feedback questionnaire´s link is uploaded to eTwinning.
  • Filling in with 2-3 words about project deadline is 18th of April. Link is uploaded to eTwinning.
  • Project homepage will be improved by teachers´ and students´outputs.
  • All OER links will be uploaded to project homepage under section “Teacher output”.
  • Final project conferences will be held at partner schools in April-May, 2019.
  • All partners have to send their Local activities of 3rd year by the end of May.
  • By the end of the project (31 August, 2019) every partner should publish an article to the local newspaper or the school website.
  • By the end of the project (31 August, 2019) every partner has to start writing final report of the project. Cooperating to write that is strongly suggested, because all partners must submit final report in the same time frame.


Minutes prepared by Ivika Keisele and Triin Jürgenstein, Rīgas Igauņu pamatskola


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