Thursday, 26 October

  • Work meeting
    • The project´s second year. What we have done and upcoming tasks.
    • Homepage.  Overview and upcoming changes.
    • Overview from every partner school: what are the good and bad things about the implementation of the project so far?
    • Discussion: what are ideas and what preparations have been done for rehearsing and performing plays based on environment and Charity Sale.
    • Workshop - Google Drive.
    • Exchange of experiences.

Friday, 27 October

  • Non-formal learning. Field trip and photo hunt in Gauja National park.

Saturday, 28 October

  • Work meeting
    • OER  What is it? How will tasks be divided?
    • Photo hunt in spring.  Ideas how to organise it- brainstorming on the topic!
    • eTwinning. 1st task of the 2nd project year and overview of upcoming tasks.
    • eBook. Introducing the draft.  
    • Short-term Teaching and Training activity: Job Shadowing in Finland. Overview of plans.
    • 4th Project meeting in Estonia in spring. Overview of plans.
    • Exchange of experiences.



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