Project Meeting Minutes

3rd Transnational Project meeting

Environmentally Friendly Cranberries and Innovative Tablets”

Place: Atgāzenes 26, Riga, Latvia

Time:   26.-28. October 2017


Meeting Objectives:

  1. Project`s work second  year, I semester- rehearsing and perfoming plays based on the environment and Charity Sale.
  2. Project`s work for the  second year, II semester  -Short - term Teaching and Training activity:Job Shadowing in Finland,  photo hunt.
  3. Workshop - Google Drive, OER, ebook

Attendees present:

Teachers from:

Estonia (Võru Kreutzwaldi Kool): Marju Purge, Ere Tumm and Kaider Vardja

Latvia (Rigas Igaunu pamatskola): Urve Aivars, Triin Jurgenstein and Ivika Keisele

Italy (Ic Della Val Nure): Emanuela Sbordi

Poland (LO Piaseczno): Maria Szklarczyk and Monika Penkul-Petryka

Finland (Kiukaisten Yhteiskoulu): Tuula Kütövuori.


  1. Exchange of experiences. Evaluation of the attained objectives and the activities done.
  2. Planning the project work for the second year (I, II semester), including project activities (students plays and charity sale).
  3. Specification and distribution  of tasks: e-book, OER and Google Drive


  • Exchange of experiences. Evaluation of the attained objectives and the activities done.



  • One module, apps are used actively.
  • Organizing folders of activities.
  • Students are not so keen on the project. However, they participate and generate ideas for completing the project’s aims.
  • No Art lessons, workshops for creating things. SS and teachers spend their free time, mother tongue and English lessons for completing project’s tasks.


  • Students are enthusiastic about the project. They are really involved.
  • Students learn about countries involved in the project – they learn geography where those countries are.
  • Students compare the countries and culture – similarities and differences. They gain new knowledge.  
  • Students love writing letters and receiving them from foreign students.
  • Students like being in pictures, in presentations.
  • The teacher is alone- no one else knows about the project. They just ask, ”Is everything going on?”
  • Payment - unfortunately, it’s not used for the project school.


  • Challenging - local government decided to close the Finnish partner school and the project moved to another school, Euran yhteiskoulu, which has never had an international project before. The teachers from Kiukaisten yhteiskoulu continue teaching in Euran yhteiskoulu.
  • What is positive is that many teachers in Euran yhteiskoulu have showed positive interest in the project and have participated in organizing activities.
  • English lessons are used to complete project tasks, sometimes other lessons as well.
  • The head of basic education is involved in the project and helps with the reports.The folders of copies are prepared just in case of inspection.


  • Other teachers are involved and interested in the project. Mother tongue teachers help a lot.
  • Students from two countries met before and there were great emotions.
  • There is no chance to keep students after classes.
  • The headmaster is informed about using lessons for the project.
  • Probably, it’s useful and easier to work together with students from one form.


  • Teachers are not so involved and interested in the project - main group of teachers involved is small (only 3 persons), but we work well together. This year we get help from English teacher also.
  • It is hard to divide tasks/find suitable time with classes - in our school students who are involved in project study in different classes.
  • We have manage to finish all tasks well and feedback from students has been positive.
  • We have wrote articles about our project and they have been published in Latvian and also in Estonian media.
  1. Planning the project work for the second year (I, II semester), including project activities (students plays and charity sale)

Discussion about charity market:

  • Preparation for a charity market at Christmas has been started.
  • Ideas:
  1. pictures/photos made during the field trips, while being in nature etc. they will be laminated;
  2. autumn leaves in bookmarks;
  3. autumn leaves in a jar with an electric candle inside;
  4. handcraft;
  5. cook different sweets.
  • The charity sale is in December.

Discussion about plays:

  • Plays are prepared. The scripts are written by students. There has been a school competition among plays – students chose the best one for the project.
  • The play can be shown on a website for other students to see it (for example Facebook Poland video “Mushrooms”).
  • Co-working with different subject teachers: art if there are paintings in the play; practicing with the drama teacher etc.  Unfortunately, other teachers are not as much motivated to be involved.
  • The play can be made both outdoors and indoors.
  • It’s hard to manage everything. Time is the most serious enemy. It’s time consuming to prepare a play.So much extra work after the lessons, in free time.

After some more discussions these decisions were made:

  • The play must be ready till the end of December, 2017.
  • We watch the videos of the plays in January, 2018.
  • Teaching and Training activity:Job Shadowing in Finland 5th-9th February 2018
  • Photo hunt is in spring 2018.
  • 4 th Project meeting in Estonia in spring.
  1. Specification and distribution of tasks: e-book, OER and Google Drive
  • Introducing new e-book creator.Asking for co.operations and contribution of works.
  • Introducing Open educational resources (OER) possibilities.  Discussing the possible topics.
  • Practical workshop on Google Drive. How to create files/folders; how to share those etc.

Minutes prepared by Ivika Keisele and Triin Jurgenstein Rīgas Igauņu pamatskola


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