August, 2018

Planning work for 3rd project year.


September, 2018

Preparing for project meeting in Poland.

Creating interactive culture questions about Latvia

October, 2018

Project meeting in Poland (3th-7th of October)

Writing texts, adding art into eBook


November, 2018

Planning for field trip

Field trip to Sigulda (21st of November)

Creating LearningApps about nature and Sigulda and posting links to eTwinning.

Writing text and adding photos into Project Journal

Using LearningApps as part of primary school lessons


December, 2018

Preparing for Charity sale

Charity sales in our school (10th of December)


January, 2019

Creating OER and uploading it


March, 2019

Planning project´s last meeting in Riga

Playing interactive culture Kahoot


April, 2019

Project meeting in Riga (3rd-7th of April)

Creating Project Meeting Minutes

Field trip to Taevaskoja, Estonia (8th-9th of April)

Filling in Feedback questionnaires


May, 2019

Preparing for final conference

Project´s final conference and exhibitions of students´works (10th of May)

Reflection of activities on the our project homepage and school homepage

Writing a article about project


June, 2019

Making conclusions about the project

Preparing to write final report

August, 2019

Writing final report


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