What's the project about?

Cranberries1bcIt is an innovative transnational project for the students aged 13 - 16 and teachers from 5 different countries.This project will help to develop the curriculum of each partner institution employing innovative approaches and technologies in the teaching process, putting theory into practice, encouraging cross-cultural cooperation thus adding European dimension in everyday school work.  The innovation of the project will arouse students' interest towards MST subjects for a longer period and their career options will be broadened.

What countries are involved?

Latvia, Finland, Italy, Poland, Estonia

Cranberries and tablets

Cranberries means pure natural environment around us and tablets represent innovative methods of studying.

What are our objectives?

*One of the main objectives of this project is addressing open and innovative education. Our teenagers possess various new digital devices (smart phones, tablets etc.) but they mostly use them for communicating and listening to music. Most frequently they lack the skills for using them on educational purposes. 

*The second objective  is addressing underachievement in the basic skills through more effective innovative teaching methods. The focus of the project is put on field trips to learning sites outside the school in order to integrate formal and non-formal learning in different subjects (math, science, literacy, art, craft, English, IT). 

This project meets the objectives set by the Erasmus+ Programme. Specifically, the following objectives are fulfilled:

EU flag Erasmus vect POS1. to provide more competence for students and teachers in ICT and to encourage  using more ICT tools in  everyday learning and teaching process

2. to arouse students` interest towards basic subjects  and achieve better results in them

3. to integrate formal (in classroom) and non-formal (other natural environments) learning 

4. to promote teachers` and students` communication, language and cooperation skills at regional and European level

5. to suppliment curricula in our school systems 

6. to broaden the knowledge of natural and cultural heritage of home country and partner countries in order to learn to recognize and respect similarities and differences

As a result of the project

students' basic skills will be improved by integrating and using innovative methodologies such as IT and non-formal studying in the studying process. Also their social competences, cooperative learning, entrepreneurship skills etc. will be enhanced. Both students and teachers will improve their foreign language skills and cooperation skills and will purposefully use digital devices in formal and non-formal learning. 

During the first project year:

the focus of tasks will be on teaching our students how to use digitechnology to make videofilms and sound recordings of nature using smartphones or tablets during the field trip. We also focus on teaching our students how to  use Open Educational Resources (OER). We will also plan and organise one field trip with integrating formal and non-formal learning in different subjects (math, science, literacy, art, craft, English, IT) and some pieces of  creative writing inspired by nature will be produced. 

During the second project year

the focus will shift to rehearsing and performing plays based on environment, videoing the plays and having a video conference. We will also plan and organise a Photo Hunt which activities will be connected with ICT. 

During the third project year:

will focus on one more field trip. This time we will also use smartphones, tablets and ready-made apps to be used in nature. In the 3rd year more attention will be paid to project products. Contributions of new learning resources will be uploaded in Open Educational Resources and a multilingual eBook will be designed, edited and uploaded in free e-books environment. It will also contain sound recordings of nature, videos and photos made during the field trips.

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