The secondary school in Piaseczn

What we have done in the first year of our project – 2016- 2017

We started the project in September 2016.

These are our activities:

Interdisciplinary project of local actions

School : Liceum Ogólnokształcące Piaseczno

Start: April 2017

Finish: June 2017

The teacher responsible:

Students taking part in it :

Description of the project

The aim is creating applications for smartphones for the system Android which will be accessible on license basis CC BY-NC on the Internet. In the application students will present the beauty and peculiarity of the local nature and architecture. Within the confines of the project, students will make use of the knowledge in IT, biology, geography, Polish language, and history. Students will get to know their little homeland, and will meet part of the requirements of their curricula . The final product is aimed at recipients interested in local attractions , history, and nature.

The effects of the project


-will have the possibility to get to know their own region, particularly the town Konstancin-Jeziorna and its vicinity and its cultural resources, students will gain much historical and geographical information

- students will establish peer relationships or will develop already existing ones, they will mould some interpersonal abilities and group work, they will try different social roles

- they will establish emotional ties with their small homeland


  • as a place to have fun and as a place of creative education

  • will be recognized positively in the local environment

Students will work out

  • a working application named ……………

  • a teaching game

  • an education path

Aims of the project

  • gaining some interdisciplinary knowledge in an interesting way, finding out some local attractions, culture and history and creating some ties with their local homeland

  • ability of collecting , analyzing and working out information from various sources and applying them in different , problematic situations

  • ability of presenting gained knowledge in a attractive and modern form accessible for everybody

  • conviction of students of the need of constant gaining of knowledge and skillful applications of the knowledge in practice

  • creating some students’ abilities such as:

cooperation in a group, sharing the roles and tasks, searching for different sources of information and

taking advantage of their sources, expressing own opinions, listening to others, discussing problems, taking group decisions, selecting information, writing down and presenting collected materials, organizing and planning, presenting the knowledge within the confines of IT.

Realization of the project

Students will be divided into small groups, they will be responsible for individual tasks. During classes and thematic trips, students will complete the needed knowledge to achieve the aims of the project.

In the final stage of the work , students will create an application and subject it into tests.

How the project will be run and the time of the realizations of individual tasks

  • introducing students into the issues, problems of the project, into the subject , topic of the project,

  • acquaintance students with the instruction of the project, with the rules of presentation and assessment

  • establishing topics by students, the choice of groups and leaders responsible for the realization of the project and allotment of the tasks and duties

  • reaching a contract between teachers and students

  • acquiring materials needed and essential to do the project, using different sources of information by going to institutions, posts to acquire the materials

  • choosing the ways of presenting

  • work connected with preparing the application, assessment of the inside group-work and summarizing of the experiences gained during the project work

  • presentation of the results of the work

  • carrying out a survey among students on the realization of the project – difficulties while working on the project, attractiveness of the forms

The way of presentation of the project

There will be a general test of the application after previous introducing presentation.

Criteria of the assessment of the project –


  • appropriate planning of the work 0-5 points

  • the amount of gathered materials 0-5 points

  • using different sources of information 0-5 points

  • content-related correctness 0-5 points

  • workmanship correctness 0-5 points

  • involvement of the members 0-5 points

  • aesthetic of the workmanship 0-5 points

  • transparency and service 0-5 points

  • way of presentation 0-5 points

  • efficiency of time during presentation 0-5 points

  • report from the realization of the project 0-5 points

  • individual contribution of work in a group 0-5 points 

       altogether - 60 points





Students will carry out a survey at school among other students in which they will ask others if they know the π number, if they know the Golden Proportion, if they know why the number of interior and exterior angles in a quadrilateral or a polygon follows such a formula, why an area of a circle is πr2. The survey will be carried out using IT devices. Then they will show how it works visually, writing special applications . Users of the application will visually understand the formulae.

It will be accessible and downloaded on students’ tablets.

Biology and Chemistry and Science

1 Within the confines of our project ‘Environmetally Friendly Cranberries and Innovative Tablets we are going to carry out a nature observation in the direct vicinity of our area. The aim of it is cataloguing the most important nature objects occurring there e.g magnificent kinds of trees, flowers, homes of insects.. We will go to “Zimne Doły” which is a special place near our town Piaseczno.

During the field trip students will create a photo documentation and we will gather, collect some samples to our microscopic research. Students will find on The Internet some information on the biological specimen (both animated and unanimated) they will have come across. We will carry out microscopic research on it. Students will create descriptions of the most important nature objects there in Polish and in English. The results of our work will be placed on The Internet and we will generate OR codes. Then students will use OR codes so that the users of tablets and smart phones could read the information about the objects on their mobile devices. The final part of our activity will be a lasting placing of OR codes in front of our school . Students will be able to scan them and read them on their smartphones.

Our students will also draw some pictures of the objects themselves and hang them in public places like the Town Hall in Piaseczno. The application will also give the way how to get there from Warsaw or Piaseczno, which bus to take , how long it takes and so on ……..

2 We will go to ‘Tężnie” in Konstancin , a town near Piaseczno.

There are special springs whose vapour has special properties and whose influence on our organism is healthy while breathing .

Students will create an application which will show the importance of the place and the influence of the place on our organism, showing at the same time their evaluated chemical and biological properties. The application will be used by visitors to the place. Therefore it will be disseminated at the same time.

The application will also give the way how to get there from Warsaw or Piaseczno, which bus to take , how long it takes and so on ……..

We would like to create an application or a web page which would present information about  the Tężnia Solankowa which is a natural salt chamber in Konstancin – Jeziorna . This natural salt chamber helps with respiratory ailments and it can prevent cardiological, neurological, laryngological and rheumatological illnesses, and is helpful in the natural process of biological regeneration and renewal. We would write about the chemical and biological influence of the chamber on every person who sits there and breathes. Everybody would be able to download the application on their smartphone, computer or tablet and read all information prepared by our students and us.  Thanks to our app people who spend  a lot of time there would have the chance to find out why this place is so healthy. 

Geography, History

In Konstancin there are many old buildings and special places which have been forgotten .Our students will go there . They will take pictures of them and create an application telling us much about the places and buildings, so that the visitors to the places will use it and download it and they will know the background of the places.

Everything will be shown and presented in the Town Hall in Konstancin, where the application will be accessible.

Mother tongue

We will prepare a play based on nature. We haven’t decided yet what it is going to be like, but we have some ideas.


English will be used all the time. Our meetings with students are conveyed in English.

Manual training/handicraft

Students will use computer graphic and will draw some pictures of them and the pictures will be hung in some public places.

Our students will also make some bunches of autumn flowers and give them to their mothers and grandmothers.


We have no idea.


The environment of the valley of the Jeziorka River. The evolution of the running of its bed In Piaseczno.

  • The general characteristic of the river

  • The topographic map of the river in the scale 1: 100000

  • Students make and present the current geo-morphological map of the river

  • Students make the current map of the river

  • Students make and present the current map of plant gatherings .

  • Taking pictures and presentation of the pictures of different kinds of trees belonging to specific area.

  • Students make and present the map of running (course) of the river bed in the past in the future.

  • The simulation of the change of the course of the bed.

  • Doing the measurement of the flow of the river and the evaluation of the flow in a month and in a year.

Students will create maps and simulations using IT technology.

They will present it to the local Council, during geography classes, and to their parents.

Making up a schedule of the project ‘Geographical environment of the valley of the river Jeziorka and evolution of the running of its bed in the Town Piaseczno

Who performs it: Patryk Pawelec

Ryszard Pilis

Zuzanna Jankiewicz

Jakub Urban

The teacher responsible for the project – a geography teacher- Franciszek Pierz

The first stage

1.Students will make a current geomorphological map of the examined part of the valley – April 2017

2.Students will make a current map of the soil of the valley – April 2017

3.Students will make a current map of the complex of the plants of the valley – May 2017

4.Students will take pictures of the complex of the plants and pictures of individual types of trees and plants being members of the composition- May 2017

5.Students will measure the flow of the river and they will calculate the size of the flow in a year’s and month’s period.

The second stage

1.Students will present a general characteristic of the valley of the river on the base of the geomorphological map of the vicinity of Piaseczno and on the base of accessible literature- March 2017.

2. Students will make a map of the running of the bed of the river and they will make a map of its old bed and they will make a computer animation of changes of running of the river in the past and in future -April 2017

3.Students will scan all the maps and pictures- May-April 2017

4.The general edition of the project, using IT technology and presentation of the project -June 2017.