What we did in autumn 2017 – spring 2018 In Poland

At the beginning of September 2017

  • - We organized a project meeting with teachers and students at which we planned our activities for the second year of our project
  • - We summarized our work in the previous year
  • - We organized our documents , photos and pictures
  • - We chose a new group of students to work in the project and some new teachers also agreed to work in the project

October 2017

  • - We started  to prepare plays . Four plays were written by students , two of which were chosen to be recorded. The titles of the plays Picking Mushrooms and Hacker, (or Scientist and plain clothes officers)
  • - We planned meetings and rehearsals with students and teachers how to record the plays.
  • - We  went with our students to forest many times and took many pictures, photos of forest
  • - Students picked some fruit of forest and prepared jars of the fruit to be sold in November
  • - Rehearsals of the play were carried out every week , while at the same time some alternations and improvements were introduced
  • - We recorded the first play Picking Mushrooms
  • - From the 26th to 28th October we had a project meeting in Latvia, Riga.
  • - We wrote a report from the working meeting in Latvia

 November 2017

  • - Students prepared some collages and bunches of  flowers to be sold
  • - We prepared pictures and laminated them to be sold at the sale in November
  • - At the end of November we organized a charity sale at which we were selling fruits            of forest.  The money from the charity was donated to our student in need.

December 2017

  • - We summarized our work of our project at a meeting with teachers and students
  • - We started to prepare the second play Scientist and plain clothes officers to be recorded
  • - Rehearsals were held every week in December

February 2018

  • - We recorded the second play Hacker –Scientist and plain clothes officers

March 2018

  • - We prepared Photo Hunt
  • - We attended a conference Erasmus+ in a school in Piaseczno, at which we presented our project, our activities  and the advantages of the project

April 2018

  • - Our students four wrote poems and two stories IT technologies and Nature
  • - We were in Voru, Estonia – next working meeting
  • - We carried out  the activity Photo hunt

May 2018

  • - We had a few meetings with teachers and students at which we discussed our aims of the project, our results and we started to arrange next activities

June 2018

  • - We organized World Day in our school. We presented  many countries, of course our project partners’ countries
  • - We created QRs for each of our project activity
  • - We updated our school project homepage  with our project  activities and meetings

We summarized our project work and prepared a plan for next year

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