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2nd project meeting in Piacenza, Italy

Date: 06-08 April, 2017


Thursday, 06 April

  • Workmeeting

  1. Evaluation of the attained objectives and the activities done during the 1st project year.

  2. Feedback of the first project year. Questionnaires for students and teachers.

  3. Presentation of the project poster.

  4. Getting to know local school and ICT equipment.

  5. Exchange of experiences.

Friday, 07 April

  • Workmeeting

  • Introducing the project for the second year.

  • Drama - topic: environment and digi technology.

  • Christmas Charity Sale.

  • Getting to know local school and ICT equipment.

  • Exchange of experiences.

Saturday, 08 April

  • Non-formal learning. Field trip to the mountains.

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