Local activities in Finland during the 3nd project year (2018-2019)

August, 2018

An informative speech about the project and the activities of the 3nd project year was given to the whole school community at the beginning of the year.

Updating the info boards at school, checking the country information for possible changes.

September - December, 2018

Planning the third project year.

Integrating formal and non-formal learning in Physics (a small field trip).

Two teachers went to the 5th project meeting which was held in Piaseczno, Poland in October.

Field trip to Luontokapinetti in Yläne.

Learning about the tool Students created apps connected with nature and the field trip to Yläne.

Students wrote nature poems in their native language for the ebook.

Translating poems into English, choosing nature pictures for the book.

Posting a Christmas greeting to our partners at eTwinning.

January, 2019

Working on the OER task of the project. Translating instructions of different tasks.

February, 2019

Planning a field trip to Poland with students.

March, 2019

A meeting with the students to discuss the possibility of visiting Poland.

Booking a spot in a flea market and selling things to raise money for a field trip.

April, 2019

Participating in the 6th project meeting in Riga, Latvia.

Preparing for the final conference of the project (Erasmus conference).

May, 2019

Field trip to Poland with students. Experiencing Polish culture, learning about the history of Poland.

Making a slide show for the upcoming conference. practicing student presentations.

Erasmus conference at school. Parents, teachers, students, representatives of the education department of the municipality and the local media were invited. 

Playing a Kahoot game. Interactive culture questionnaire. Using phone.

Answering the evaluation questions on the third project year.

June, 2019

An article about the project to the local newspaper. 

Summing up the project. Writing the final report.

September, 2018

Continuing to write the final report.