IMG 5634Our school, Kiukaisten yhteiskoulu, is a secondary school that offers basic education to pupils aged 13-16. We have 98 pupils and 19 staff members, 13 of whom are teachers. Our school is located in a rural area in Eura (about 12 500 inhabitants) in the western part of Finland. The closest bigger towns are Rauma (39 km) and Pori (42 km).

The closeness to nature is one of our strengths. We have a beautiful school yard with lots of trees and other plants. It is easy to organize excursions into nature, because we are surrounded by fields and forests. There is also a river within a walking distance.

Our municipality has been investing in teaching equipment and facilities needed in a modern school, but a lot more needs to be invested in the near future. Our school has a computer room with 16 computers, each classroom is equipped with a computer, a digital visualizer and a video projector. One of the classrooms has a smart board. We also have a Wi-Fi in our school.

The municipality will be closing our school after this school year. We are already officially a part of a bigger school, Euran yhteiskoulu. Erasmus+ project will continue there, and we are already doing many things related to Erasmus+ project together.

The municipality of Eura merged Kiukaisten yhteiskoulu with Euran yhteiskoulu in the summer 2017. Students and teachers from Kiukaisten yhteiskoulu moved to Euran yhteiskoulu. So the name of the Finnish partner changed in the middle of the project.  


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