Local activities in Finland during the 2nd project year (2017-2018)

August, 2017

An informative speech about the project and the activities of the 2nd project year was given to the whole school community at the beginning of the year.

Planning the second project year.

Updating the info boards at school.

September, 2017

A group of 20 students and three teachers from Võru Kreutzwaldi Kool, a partner school in the project, visited our school on September 20th-22nd. A group of our students planned a guided tour around the school complex together with their English teacher. Student guides gave the guests a tour informing them about our school and a little bit about the Finnish school system. There was also a meeting in the auditorium with some musical performances by Estonian students and a group of students from a voluntary music course in our school. The guests attended some lessons in our school and had lunch with our students. We also organized an evening party with food and fun games that made it easier for our students and the Estonian students to get to know each other.

October, 2017

We completed the SECOND YEAR TASK 1: Introducing our countries.

We used the method called  “common writing” for making 8 different Google Drive presentations about our country.

  1.      General facts and symbols of Finland
  2.     Sights/tourist attractions of Finland
  3.      Sights/tourist attractions of the local area
  4.      Cultural life of Finland
  5.      Cultural life of Finland
  6.      Cultural life of Finland
  7.      Sport
  8.      National food

We learned about the possibilities that Google Drive has to offer for producing material together with partner schools and learned to use Google docs and Google Slides.

A representative from our school participated in the 3rd transitional project meeting in Latvia on October 25th-29th.

November, 2017

Started working on TASK 2 (Year 2): Rehearsing and performing plays, charity sale.

Creating plays based on the environment and digitechnology in Finnish (the mother tongue) in small groups.

December, 2018

One play translated into English.

Practicing, performing and recording the play on a video.

Preparations for the Christmas Charity Sale. Collecting the ideas. Forming different groups. Organizing a charity sale (December 8th). The money was donated to the Baltic Sea protection.

Posting  photos about the Charity Sale at eTwinning. Posting a Christmas greeting to our partners at eTwinning.

January, 2018

Planning and preparing the Job Shadowing activity.

Expressing opinion on 2 activities, plays and charity sale, using Forums comments.

February, 2018

We organized a week-long job shadowing activity for teachers arriving from partner schools on February 4th- February 10th, 2018. They had a chance to shadow elementary, secondary and upper secondary school lessons. We also organized a trip to the Teacher Training School if Turku University. We were given an informative lecture on the most recent developments in the field of education in Finland. Teachers also had a chance to shadow several lessons in English.

Field trip for students together with teachers from partner countries.

April, 2018

Two teachers attended the 3rd transitional project meeting in Võru, Estonia on April 11th-15th.

Planning upcoming activities.

May, 2018

Photo Hunt. Questions on different subjects planned by subject teachers.

Evaluation of the second project year. Teachers and students answered the questionnaire.

June, 2018

Contribution of material to eTwinning. Materials based on Photo Hunt: a photo into Project Journal

descriptions of the tasks, summary about Photo Hunt, photos to photo gallery.

General about the year

Sharing the information about the project and the activities of this project year has been very important, because Kiukaisten yhteiskoulu no longer exists and the project was moved to Euran yhteiskoulu. Information has been shared in many ways:, oral reports about ongoing activities have been given to the teachers in teachers' meetings, information has been uploaded on the website of the school (http://www.eura.fi/fi/palvelut/sivistyspalvelut/euran-yhteiskoulu/erasmus--hanke/erasmus--hanke-.html ) for the pupils, parents and everyone interested to see. A reporter was invited to observe the Job Shadowing activity and to interview teachers, both ours and of partner countries. There was an article about the project and Job Shadowing in the local newspaper.

We have had several meetings about organizing different project activities at our school. Especially the Job Shadowing activity required a lot of planning.

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