Local activities in Finland during the fall 2016

We started collecting material for our project info stand when the school started in August.

Pupils searched for information about our partner countries. We have country facts displayed on the wall, and also on the Internet.

Pupils and teachers have given some short talks on cultural issues related to partner countries. We have been informed about e.g. music, literature, cuisine in a partner country.

Some of the project activities have involved the whole school, some a smaller group or the project group.

In September a smaller group of pupils went out on a nature excursion late at night to observe bats and to record sounds of bats. On another time one class went out into a forest to learn about mushrooms.

We are already involving Euran yhteiskoulu, a bigger secondary school in Eura in this project, because these schools will become one next year. They have started an Erasmus club there. This club went on a field trip to a nearby forest and a swamp in September.

The whole school on a family field trip in early October. We had stops with various tasks along the walking route. One of the stops was about partner countries. Teachers had prepared a quiz where one had to choose the right country for each name or fact in the list. All the facts or names had to do with our partner countries, Estonia, Italy, Latvia or Poland.

During Mother tongue and literature classes pupils have learnt about Estonian, Italian, Latvian and Polish literature. They have made posters of various authors.

Our project group has been learning to use digitechnology. Topics of learning have been making avatars in voki.com (creating a character and adding voice to it, sharing one’s voki), making a long url address shorter by using bitly.com and adding the shortened address on the padlet in twinspace.

Our school also offers optional courses focusing on digitechnology in subjects like Information Technology and Visual Arts.

We have had several short sessions introducing the project to different audiences (the staff members in our own school, staff members of the bigger secondary school in Eura and parents). Also the members of the board of education and culture and people in other leading positions in the municipality have been informed about the project.

In addition to project homepage we have added project material on our own pages https://peda.net/eura/perusopetus/kiukaistenyhteiskoulu/erasmus .

In November we started planning a field trip for the next spring. Teachers of different subjects gave ideas for tasks that pupils could do during the field trip. The ideas were collected and shared with partner schools.

Local activities in Finland during the spring 2017

January - Working on eTwinning project, informing students in partner school about our school (filling in the information about our school in the form of questionnaire, making a video film introducing our school house, taking photos of our school). 

Uploading the information at TwinSpace.

February - Working at eTwinning, comparing the information about our partner schools, commenting and asking questions. 

                   Subject teachers planning field trip activities.

AprilInforming students about the field trip, downloading the necessary apps.

April 5th-9th - Project meeting in Italy.

April 24thField trip, integrating formal and non-formal learning in different subjects, collecting natural materials during the field trip, doing different tasks connected with the project subjects.

April – May  Classroom activities connected to the field trip, using natural materials in Chemistry, Art and Craft, the 7th graders writing descriptive essays about the field trip during Mother tongue and literature lessons.

May - the 9th graders translating descriptive essays into English.

May 8th-11ththe 9th graders visiting Estonia and Estonian partner school in Erasmus+ project.

May 9thEurope Day at school, Field trip exhibition (materials collected from the field trip, art work and craft inspired by the field trip on display).

May 29thReporter from the local newspaper interviewing about the project.

May - Evaluation of the first project year.

June 1stArticle about the project in the local newspaper.

June - Article about project activities in the yearly booklet about the past school year. 


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