September 2018

- Exchange of messages among the partners and start planning the project activities for the months to come. 

- Presentation of the third year activities to the colleagues at school.

- Field trip to the Museum of Wine in La Tosa.

- Organizing the meeting in Poland: flight and hotel.

October 2018

- Mobility to Poland

- Drawings and poems in all the classes, in Italian and English.

- File and photo research about Italy for the interactive culture questionnaire.

- Presentation to parents about the Erasmus third year activities.

- Field trip to Bergamo to the circus school.

- Interview about the Polish experience in the local newspaper.

November 2018

- Getting acquainted to OER Commons.

- Summary about the fild trips.

- Posting photos in eTwinning.

December 2018

- Learning Apps in class.

- Starting using Kahoot! In class.

January 2019

- Starting creating a page in OER Commons.

- Booking flights and tickets for the mobility to Riga.

February 2019

- Updating the parents about the project proceeding.

- Showing the students the eBook “Cranberries and Tablets” online.

March 2019

- Kahoot! “Interactive Cultural Questionnaire” in class.

- Creation of the students’ and the teachers’ questionnaires.

April 2019

- Mobility to Riga.

- Showing the colleagues and students the eBook online and printed.

- Organizing the parents’ and press’s dissemination at school.

May 2019

- Dissemination at school.

- Photos of the dissemination in eTwinning.

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