On February 5th-9th, 2018 job shadowing event took place organised by  Euran Yhteiskoulu in Finland. It lasted for 5 days + 2 travelling days. 2 teachers from Võru participated the event. The participants observed lots of different subject lessons and had a tour of the school buildings. During the event the other schools in the area were also visited like the primary school Kauttuan koulu and the upper secondary school Euran lukio. Some lessons there were also observed. After the lessons the discussions with the Finnish colleagues were held.

The participants had  a chance to visit Teacher Training School of Turku University where the information about the school was presented and some lessons were observed. The review of educational system and teacher training in Finland was also introduced.

The participants could compare the teaching methods and organisation of education  to their own educational system and learn from the good practices.

In Eura Yhteiskoulu the participants were introduced a recent ICT project with so-called “chromebooks” which meant that each student received a small personal tablet for the studies at school.

All the participants were really impressed by the creative and relaxed atmosphere in the lessons and around  the scoolhouse.

It was a very fruitful and constructive training activity for all the teachers.


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